Supplement Preparation

Supplement Preparation | 2019-02-15

Veggie softgel

Ø  100% botanical source

Ø  Suitable for Vegetarians

Ø  better thermal stability (comparing to gelatin softgel)

Ø  More comfortable while taking (comparing to gelatin softgel)


The shell for the veggie softgel is derived from Algae, free of animal derivatives. The veggie softgel has incredibly heat stable. It can withstand hot, humid temperatures that can cause animal-based softgels to clump , leak or even melt during shipping. And it won’t have cross-linking reaction with the fillings. Simple lower viscosity pastes such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, lecithin and algae oil work well in veggie soft capsule, higher viscosity multivitamin pastes also can hold up well too. The veggie softgel is softer than bovine ones, which reduce discomfort for swallowing. It can protect nutrients from loss, in the meantime also can disintegrate faster and improve the bioavailability of the active ingredient.


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